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Premium Service Includes Additional Important Benefits

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Let FLCG guide you through the Federal Firearms License process. After 12 years as an ATF Investigator, and qualifying 100’s of FFLs, I know what it takes to get a Federal Firearms License.

Let me help you navigate the federal bureaucracy and avoid time consuming and costly delays.

Contact me to find out:

  • Why my personal service is unique
  • How I guarantee your success
  • About FLCG’s money back guarantee
  • How I prepare you for the ATF interview and future inspections
  • How to rest assured that you are in the right hands
  • Why I don’t sell kits or manuals

Premium Service includes unique and valuable benefits over and above my Basic Service.  Find out how we help you avoid compliance problems and ATF Administrative Action

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Firearms Licensing And Consulting Group, LLC

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