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Firearms Sales Policy

Firearms Licensing and Consulting Group, LLC (FLCG) is a licensed Dealer in Firearms (FFL)

Policy updated: December 7th, 2015


All firearms are new to the market and include manufacturers warranty unless otherwise specified.
Firearms will be shipped only to FFL holders that have been verified by FLCG.
Non-Licensees can choose a FFL at their discretion. There will likely be a charge by the FFL for the transfer and background check.
This is separate from the cost of the firearm and will be paid to the local FFL of the buyer’s choosing.


Please contact if you have any questions.

Telephone:  800-932-1979


Firearms will be shipped USPS, UPS or FedEx unless it’s a local pick-up. The buyer agrees to pay a $22.00 shipping and handling fee to any state in the lower 48 states, unless otherwise agreed to or indicated in the invoice generated upon checkout. Firearms will be shipped within 4 – 5 weekdays after buyer’s payment has been cleared and FLCG receives funds. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii may require additional fees. Please contact FLCG for details on shipping to AK or HI.

Local pick-up is available. The buyer must communicate desire for local pick-up at least three weekdays prior to the date of pick-up so arrangements can be made. Residents of the State of Florida are required to pay 6% sales tax.

Your invoice may indicate a shipping address that is not the address of the FFL you provide as recipient of the firearms you purchase. We do not ship firearms until we have received proper documentation from the receiving FFL. Once you purchase a firearm, you will receive an email with instructions on how to advise us on the details from the receiving FFL.

Please send signed copies of FFLs to

Errors In Descriptions

We can not guarantee that errors and typos do not exist in the description of any items for sale. If we cannot ship the firearm as described in our catalog , we will contact the buyer to ensure any variances from the description are acceptable to the buyer prior to shipping.  If the buyer does not accept shipment of a firearm that varies from the catalog description, we will refund  to the buyer any payment received and cleared.

Refund Policy / Return Policy

It is the buyers responsibility to know if the firearms purchased are legal to acquire and possess in the State and municipality in which the buyer resides. If the FFL chosen by the buyer cannot receive and transfer the firearm purchased due to Sate or other legal prohibitions, the buyer is responsible for return shipping and a handling fee of 25% of the sales price.

If the buyer is denied from receiving firearms as a result of a NICS background check, other State imposed background check, or is otherwise prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms, the buyer will be charged  25% of the sales price for handling and shipping the firearms back to FLCG.

If the buyer otherwise chooses to cancel the transaction prior to receiving firearms, the buyer will be charged 25% of the sales price of the firearm as a cancellation fee and for handling and shipping back to FLCG.

Unless otherwise stated, all firearms are new to the market and are covered under the stated manufacturers warranty. All firearms are sold in As-Is condition. Once firearms are received by the buyer they are considered used and must be returned to the manufacturer for repairs under warranty. FLCG will not accept return of the firearms, but we will assist the buyer in securing repairs under the manufacturers warranty.

The chances of receiving a defective firearm are minor.  The best course of action in this event is to return the firearm directly to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. This procedure is standard industry practice for dealing with defective firearms.

The buyer will receive notification of the firearm’s serial number prior to shipping in order to ensure the correct firearm is transferred to them by the FFL conducting the transfer.

In the event that a firearm needs to be returned to FLCG for any of the reasons stated above, any funds received by FLCG from the buyer will be credited to the buyers credit card or otherwise returned to the buyer by company check minus any fees stated above within 24 hours after FLCG receives the returned firearms.

Firearms will not ship until FLCG receives funds from the buyer, and FLCG’s account reflects that the payment from the buyer has been credited to FLCG’s account.

Item Availability

There are a number of circumstances beyond our control that may cause items which are indicated as “in stock” to be unavailable for shipping under our terms. Although every effort is made to keep this type of information accurate, there may be times when it is not. If your item will not be available for shipping or pick up in accordance with the terms of the “Shipping” section above, we will return your check; credit your bank account or credit card; or send a refund check as appropriate.


Maintaining your privacy is important to us.  Please review our Privacy Policy and understand Firearms Licensing And Consulting Group’s privacy policy and practices.


All prices reflected for firearms are cash prices.  This includes payments made by check or money order as well.  Buyers must add 3% to the price reflected for firearms if paying by credit card or debit card.

FLCG accepts the following forms of payment

USPS Money Orders
Personal or business check
Other commercial money order
Certified funds

Check Policy

FLCG will accept business or personal checks as payment. Buyers will be granted the cash price on items when paying by check or money order. FLCG will not ship firearms until the buyer’s check has cleared and FLCG’s account is credited. Although we try to expedite check processing, it may take up to 10 days to process a check after we receive it. Therefore, it is entirely possible that your firearms will not ship for up to 15 days after you send your check; 5 days en-route and 10 days for check processing.  Although it will likely take less time, FLCG cannot promise a faster turnaround.

Firearms Layaway

We have layaway plans for most firearms.  Please contact us for details.





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