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Federal Firearms License – How Can A Professional Help You Get And Maintain Your FFL

Why should I hire a professional to help me get a Federal Firearms License?

If you are contemplating getting a FFL, you may have asked yourself that question. FFL requirements are after all laid out in the law and federal regulations, both available free to anyone. Federal regulations indicate the FFL license application documents needed, and the FFL license application form is available from ATF. So why would anyone need to hire someone to assist them in getting a FFL?

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1) Although some of the information needed is in the public domain, the knowledge of how to use that information, the law and the regulations to benefit the FFL applicant is not.

This type of knowledge is only gained after years of experience licensing federal firearms applicants from home FFLs to large national manufacturers. Applicants can read the law, regulations and download the forms, but understanding the intricacies of the law and regulations, understanding how the timing of events matters, as well as understanding ATFs responsibilities and duty under the law is something completely different; something virtually impossible to understand by simply reading the law, guides or manuals.

2) How many things have we done in life without encountering a single problem?

Although applicants may not encounter a single problem when applying for a FFL, this is rarely the case. It’s almost inevitable that in every licensing scenario there will be obstacles to overcome, problems to solve, questions needing answers, and mountains to climb. The law and regulations don’t teach us how to overcome these inevitable barriers, solve problems and understand the answers. Again, this knowledge can only be gained by having the insight acquired over several years as a professional.

3) Would a lawyer who represents himself in court have a fool for a client?

FLCG does not provide legal advice; and no  one should construe any element of our services, publications or websites as legal advice. However, attorneys and other professionals realize that it’s always wise to consult a professional for advice on matters in which they have no particular expertise. I wouldn’t want a patent attorney to represent me in a divorce case. I’d hire a patent specialist. Wouldn’t you? There are manuals and guides on how to fix cars, fly aircraft and even perform heart surgery, but it is usually not wise for most of us to engage in those activities unless we’re qualified.

4) What is the most difficult part of becoming a FFL?

Some might believe the most difficult part of getting a FFL is actually just receiving the license. The truth is, keeping the license and complying with federal law is much more challenging. Have you ever gone on the internet, or otherwise tried to figure out the answer to a question about federal firearms law, transfers, lawful possession, Class 3 S.O.T., documentation, or one of thousands of questions people ask? Have you ever noticed that for every question there is at least 3 different answers that people who think they know come up with; even federal licensees. This is ubiquitous on the internet.

Although there’s really no excuse for giving advice when one does not know the answer to a question, there is a good reason for these different interpretations of law and regulations. The Gun Control Act, The National Firearms Act, The Arms Export Control Act, or other federal and state regulations pertaining to the disposition, possession, storage and acquisition of firearms are no different than any other law of the United States, States or local municipalities.

The law is complex, and the regulations written by federal or state bureaucracies compliment, some say “complicate” the laws. Understanding the language and nuanced meaning of the law and regulations can be a difficult matter. Furthermore, some regulations may be selectively enforced, not enforced or interpreted differently depending in what part of the country one lives. So it stands to reason that there is much confusion on the internet, discussion boards or otherwise in the public domain about federal firearms law and regulations.

How FLCG Can Help Your Firearms Business?

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At FLCG we understand the problems related to first, acquiring a Federal Firearms License and then making sure that your business stays licensed. We’ve developed strategies, methods and related publications to assist you in getting your FFL and maintaining compliance with federal regulations.

We help you get licensed and provide the tools you need to stay licensed.

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