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Ballistol Gun Cleaner Ballistol Gun Lube

I wanted to write a quick story about an experience I had that introduced me to Ballistol aerosol. I’ve been using it on my firearms and other metals, etc. ever since. I’ve used nothing but Ballistol as a gun cleaner and lubricant since that day over 12 years ago. There is something about this lubricant I can’t explain; something in the consistency of it, and the way it engages with the metal that is truly special. The small amount used for results better than larger amounts of other products is incredible. I’m not a paid endorser, nor do I have any association with Ballistol whatsoever. I wrote this for the benefit of my readers and this website; and because it was fun to write, period.

My Ballistol story:

Let me tell you a quick story about an experience I had a few years ago. The story is similar to what actually happened in most respects, but I’m working off memory so I’m calling this story a piece of fiction as a disclaimer. I had just started working for the ATF as an Inspector, barely on the job a few days, when another inspector took me as a trainee to visit a local firearms dealer. This was actually my very first inspection among many conducted over of the next 12 years.

When we got to the location, a private residence, the first thing I realized was that the FFL, an older gentleman, probably in his 70s had lived a very interesting life. His walls were coated with pictures, many of them taken by himself of exotic places, exotic military aircraft, firearms, etc. Turns out that among other things he was a writer and firearms industry consultant. He showed me some articles he had written for some prominent industry publications to show his bona fides I guess. He had in his possession, some one-of-a-kind firearms sent to him as prototypes for his evaluation that were never produced for the public. After talking with him, I realized that this man was actually the type of person that I assumed he was. The way he spoke and the knowledge he had about firearms and other things as well, lead me to conclude that his opinion about something, especially in the area of firearms, was to be respected.

What came next really convinced me. He had a can of Ballistol gun cleaner he was using on his firearms. He suddenly raised the can up to his mouth and sprayed it on his tongue. I thought the guy had lost his mind and so did the other person I was with, but he calmly explained that Ballistol ingredients would not hurt him, and for the most part won’t hurt anyone or damage anything at all. Now, I’m not a chemist, I don’t endorse doing what he did and actually recommend against it, but I thought, how interesting that a man of his knowledge, obvious intelligence and stature would do such a thing in front of strangers. He went on to explain that Ballistol used as a gun cleaning fluid was the best product of this type that exists on the planet bar none.

Try it and give me a review. It would be nice to know how other people feel about it.

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