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If you’ve subscribed to the FFL-E Course, you will receive your content within one or two days. This course is likely all that a motivated self starter will need to get through the process.

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Newsletters are a sent out about every 90 days or as warranted by significant news events, policy changes, rulings, etc.  Stay tuned for the next edition of FirearmsPro.

Firearms Sales

Firearms Licensing And Consulting Group, LLC. is a Federal Firearms Licensee (Type 01) Dealer in Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices.

Periodically, we offer firearms and related items for sale persons who have subscribed to prior to offering them to the general public.

We are also able to special order firearms on a case by case basis.

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Record of Acquisition and Disposition of Firearms:  Free Download See Below.


See below for access to download an ATF approved format record of Acquisition and Disposition of firearms.

Click the link below for a PDF copy of a “by the book” formatted Acquisition and Disposition Record (A&D) you can print and use immediately.

What Type of Firearms Dealers Can Use This Firearms Record Book?

If you are a Type 1 Dealer or Type 2 Pawnbroker, this record and examples will get you started in the proper documentation of your firearms acquisitions and dispositions. When ATF conducts their audits of your records, investigators will use this firearms logbook as a basis for their examination of your compliance with federal law and regulations.  It’s critical that you provide ATF Investigators with a clean, accurate, organized and up-to-date A&D record.

How to Maintain Your ATF Logbook

A clean, accurate, organized and up-to-date record indicates to the ATF Investigator conducting the inspection that your business is run professionally, and you’ve taken care to document your firearms accurately and timely. It is an assurance to the Investigator that they will likely not find many errors in your record, and can move through your inspection quickly because you have taken care to maintain and preserve your records in a proper manner.

Can I Use the ATF Logbook In My Business Immediately?

When you click the link, you’ll have a PDF version of the firearms acquisition / disposition format required by federal regulations. You can print and use it immediately as your permanent ATF firearms logbook. You can also use the format if you wish to develop your own database, or hard copy version. I’ve provided some examples for you just to get you started, but it’s important for you to read and comply with the applicable regulations here (27 CFR 478.125, et al).

Click this link for the free ATF Logbook PDF—–>  Record of Acquisition and Disposition

Click this link for a PDF version with sample entries——>A&D Record With Samples

Additional Links And Resources For ATF Records Keeping Requirements

You should also take a a look at a couple of the pages on this site for tips and strategies that if followed will significantly decrease the likelihood of compliance failures with your ATF records. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment or contact

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