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What Are Some Common Reasons For Withdrawal Of The Application For A Federal Firearms License?

This section is designed to give potential FFL dealers some advice on how to make the FFL application process go as smooth as possible. In my experience, an FFL applicant, be they a FFL Dealer (Type 01) or a FFL Manufacturer (Type 07) withdraws an application from consideration, not because the haven’t met the basic FFL license requirements, but because other related matters had been neglected. FFL zoning requirements, failure to properly advise a landlord, or failure to timely secure the proper local fire permits have ultimately been the undoing of many perfectly otherwise qualified FFL applicants. Although the above are also part of the federal law, it would not be incorrect to refer to them as peripheral issues that are part of the total ATF qualification protocol.

What are the StepsTo Getting Your FFL?

Is It Difficult For The Average Small Business Person To Get A FFL?

Your FFL license application may not always be the most important element that you need to get right in this process. Obtaining an FFL license for the average small retailer or home business is not a difficult process if you just follow some guidelines that are laid out in the law. The Gun Control Act was written in such a way that protects the average person’s ability to enter the firearms business. But, in order to get your FFL, you need to educate yourself about the process and not think that it’s a mountain you can’t climb. Many people want to know the FFL requirements for a home business for example. With the advent of the internet, commerce has changed dramatically; and commerce in firearms is no exception. If this is your business model, don’t be discouraged, obtaining an FFL license is within your reach if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

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How Can I know My chances Of Getting Approved For a Federal Firearms License?

Over the years, I’ve seen many would-be FFLs withdraw an application because of some minor detail or some situation that could have been easily avoided with some knowledge and planning. Many times people had already invested time, money and sweat into their dream of becoming a small firearms manufacturer, or they have a new idea that will have to be delayed or dismissed because of failure to plan. It’s tough sometimes to see a small business person just starting out with the desire to help their family or just pursue a hobby not succeed because of lack of knowledge and information. I can think of many examples along these lines.

I’ts important that you prepare yourself and have adequate knowledge about the FFL licensing process and requirements prior to applying for a FFL. Many times, applicants waste time and money in the pursuit of a FFL that they can’t qualify for because of some issue that’s not within their control.  Become familiar with the process and the requirements for acquiring the FFL Type you seek, and ensure you are qualified prior to applying for the FFL.

Examine the articles below and become as informed as possible; essentially qualifying yourself in every aspect before applying for the license.

Become informed prior to applying for a FFL.  Know and meet the qualification standards prior to submitting the ATF Form 7 (Application For A Federal Firearms License).

ATF Licensing Procedure

Machine Guns / NFA Licensing / Class 3 SOT Requirements

FFL Zoning Restrictions  Overcoming Misinformation

The Firearms Building Business – Be Careful Here

ATF Gunsmith License Requirements

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