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FFL Licensing and ATF Compliance

It is our objective to make the highest quality information and consulting services available to the firearms industry. The list below is not all inclusive, but in general outlines the basic services we provide.

What we do:

Provide potential federal licensees with the information necessary for approval of the license they require

Advise new licensees on their responsibilities under federal law and regulations

Enable licensee compliance through examination of internal controls, required documents, inventory, and business practices

Employee training

Assist licensees who have been subject to adverse action, to properly correct violations and maintain compliance

Assist attorneys in preparation for hearings relative to notices of revocation or suspension of a license

Provide a source of information regarding issues affecting the firearms industry specific to regulatory compliance

As members of a highly regulated industry, we must take care to be properly advised on the law and regulations pertaining to the conduct of business. We must ensure that our employees are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to avoid compliance problems. We must be diligent in keeping ourselves informed regarding pending and new legislation that affects the industry. We must be vigilant, and do our best to keep firearms out of the hands of persons who are prohibited from possessing them. We should also cultivate good working relationships with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

If you are an FFL currently doing business in central or southern Florida and require a personal consultation, please contact us at; or if you are seeking to engage in the business of manufacturing, importing or dealing in firearms, you can contact us at the above email address as well.

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