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FLCG can assist your company in getting licensed and handle all the issues for you at a very reasonable cost.  But for those of you who have the time and are willing to put in the effort, we offer an e-course at no cost and no obligation.  We will never divulge or sell your email to anyone at any time in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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Applying and receiving a Federal Firearms License is essentially not a difficult process. The Gun Control Act (ACT) is written in such a way that protects the average person’s ability to engage in the firearms business.  However, without the right guidance, it’s easy to get tripped up on some procedural issue, or other material issue that disqualifies the applicant quickly.

The applicant and the government must both abide by the law and regulations under the law. As an applicant you should be aware of the law and follow it precisely, obligating the government to do the same.

The course is generally comprehensive and you should have no problems.  The future is uncertain, so you can always give us a call or shoot an email for a quick answer to your questions.

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