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Federal Firearms License Infographic |ATF Process For FFL

Applications (ATF Form 7).

Federal Firearms License requirements are discussed elsewhere at In general all FFL license requirements are similar; the process below is used by ATF to qualify FFL Dealers as well as all other FFL license types. The process may vary slightly in accordance with the requirements of the particular license and differences in the operational procedures of ATF Area Offices throughout the U.S.

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What’s the most important element in getting a FFL License?

A difficult question indeed.  There is potential for things to go wrong at any point in the process.  It’s extremely important that FFL license applicants communicate effectively with ATF in general, and specifically with the ATF Investigator (IOI) assigned to conduct the qualification.  It is incumbent upon the applicant to keep the IOI advised of the status of pending issues, as well as query the IOI on what they (the applicant) can do to expedite the process. If there is a zoning problem or an issue with some other government agency, don’t expect the IOI to follow-up on the issue and resolve it; or urge agencies to expedite their processes. As the FFL applicant, you should try to give the IOI what they need, and make the process easy for them.  Be proactive, communicate and assist ATF in any way possible.

Download The ATF Form 7 Here———->ATF Form 7 / 7 CR (Application For A Federal Firearms License).


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