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Firearms Industry Consultant and FFL Licensing Assistance Services provided by FLCG.

Providing Federal Firearms Licensing information and Firearms Industry Consulting services of the highest quality in the industry is our objective.

Below are some of the services FLCG can provided for your firearms company.  Whether you’re applying for your first FFL, or need an evaluation of your firearms business prior to ATF inspecting you, we can provide the professional expertise and guidance your firearms company needs to stay in business in the current dynamic firearms regulatory environment.

How we can help you get your FFL license:

The application process for a federal firearms license can be overwhelming depending on your familiarity with government regulations, desire, time, etc. Also depending on the type of license, the requirements with respect to zoning or other sate and local issues may impede the process significantly. Ignorance of the requirements and mistakes on required documents will at best delay your approval and at worst be cause for denial of the application. Our service can assist you in understanding the requirements and overcoming the inevitable obstacles.

How We Keep You In The Firearms Business:

♦Assist FFLs in preparing for FFL compliance inspections
New licensees will likely be inspected by ATF as soon as legally possible; usually just after 1 year of initial licensing. We can help you reduce the chances of being cited in this critical first inspection by examining your records and inventory using ATF guidelines prior to your first ATF inspection. It is imperative that ATF knows that you’re in compliance at the end of this initial inspection. Violations cited in the initial inspection will likely require ATF to follow up the following year with another inspection.

♦Advise and train staff in best practices for the avoidance of documentation errors
The proper training of your sales and administrative staff should be a critical element of your compliance strategy. Other than selecting persons who are honest and ethical, properly training staff on regulatory requirements should be a priority for firearms licensees. Especially if you are engaged in growing your business and leave the operational aspects to employees, you must ensure that your staff is well trained in regulatory requirements. You as the FFL are ultimately responsible for the failure of sales staff to properly execute required documents or inaccurately document firearms transactions. Staff errors are frequently the cause of regulatory failures and violations cited during ATF compliance inspections.

♦Enable FFL regulatory compliance by analyzing current business practices; examination of required documents, records, inventory and internal controls
Violations cited during compliance inspections are generally the result of carelessness and failure to pay attention to detail. Especially in high volume dealers or small dealers who lack adequate staff, errors and omissions on the ATF Form 4473 are commonly the result of lack of time and resources to accurately screen all transactions for proper entries. Improper documentation of firearms inventory can also be attributed to lack of time and resources. Many FFLs also lack the experience to accurately examine documents and ensure proper execution.

♦Assist FFLs who have been the subject of administrative action, Warning Letters and Warning Conferences to properly correct violations and implement strategies to avoid further compliance failures.
Once ATF has inspected your business and found violations, there are a number of courses that can be taken with respect to “Administrative Action”. The key to overcoming this scenario is to ensure ATF is convinced that you have made all possible corrections, have a plan and procedures in place to avoid future violations. Depending on the type of administrative action taken, the FFL must be prepared to address the issues properly, and leave no doubt that compliance will be achieved. We can provide the proper guidance your business needs during this time to ensure ATFs issues are adequately and fully addressed.

FFL Licensee Assistance Strategies

With the above objective in mind, FLCG is consistently seeking new ways to deliver relevant licensing information to Federal Firearms License applicants that will provide them with the guidance necessary to achieve the specific goals of their particular business model. Our FFL Licensing Course is currently a high quality product for anyone seeking to be licensed as a FFL.  However, we continually examine the contents of the course, with the intent of increasing the quality and scope of the content already provided.

ATF Compliance Inspections

As members of a regulated industry, we must take care to be properly advised on the law and regulations pertaining to the conduct of business. We must ensure that our employees are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to avoid compliance problems. We must be diligent in keeping ourselves informed regarding pending and new legislation that affects our industry. We must be vigilant, and do our best to keep firearms out of the hands of persons who are prohibited from possessing them, and we should cultivate good working relationships with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

If you are currently engaged in the firearms business and need a personal consultation, please contact us at, or at 786-759-1226. If you are seeking to engage in the business of manufacturing, importing or dealing in firearms and need assistance with your application, you can contact us at the above email address or telephone number as well.

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