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Firearms Licensing And Consulting Group, LLC (FLCG) is a firearms industry consultant, providing select services for all Types of Federal Firearms Licensees. We support firearms Dealers, Importers, Manufacturers, Exporters, and Distributors; small or large. Bringing 12 years of experience directly from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). FLCG also provides solutions for all federal licensing requirements, with advisement and filing services for companies seeking federal licensing to engage in the firearms business.

What We Do For Your Firearms Business

We provide current licensees with:

  • Firearms License zoning requirementsExamination of internal controls
  • Identification of material weaknesses in conduct of business
  • Training programs for staff and sales personnel
  • Assistance to management implementing compliance programs
  • Development of business model specific compliance strategies
  • Implementation of Quality Assurance standards
  • Continued support, evaluation and assessment of compliance programs
  • ATF inspection strategies to reduce probability of ATF administrative action

We produce a narrative report detailing the results of our examinations, and produce a systematic plan of action for the achievement of full federal compliance. Our FFL compliance examinations are consistent with ATF inspection protocol.  Your business is evaluated using similar inspection methods, practices and techniques used by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

How We Help You Start Your Firearms Business

Getting Licensed

FLCG provides the prospective Federal Firearms Licensee with the advice, guidance and assistance needed to successfully secure the proper Federal Firearms License. Acquiring a FFL can FFL Licensing,firearms licensing,getting your fflbecome a difficult proposition depending upon the business structure and type of firearms license required. FLCG uses licensing expertise acquired over 12 years of service with ATF to successfully overcome the inevitable obstacles that present themselves in every licensure situation.

The expertise acquired over the years gives FLCG a unique advantage in the industry. We offer complete support for your licensing needs from start to finish. No matter what the type of business, from manufacturing to importation, large or small, we provide you with the advice and expertise needed to get your Federal Firearms License.

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Free Consultation  from a former ATF Investigator – 12 Years with ATF

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