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Code Of Ethics

Firearms Licensing And Consulting Group
Code of Ethics

  • I will maintain the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and a commitment to excellent service.
  • I will exercise good judgment, and represent the best interest of my client at all times.
  • I will act according to the highest ethical standards of the profession, and not compromise my integrity in my relations with clients, colleagues, or the public in general
  • I will only accept assignments for which I am qualified by experience and formal training.
  • I will not accept work which is beyond the scope of my expertise.
  • I will not misrepresent or deceptively advertise my qualifications.
  • I will communicate and establish with my client realistic expectations, and honestly communicate the benefits of my services.
  • I will continually work with my clients to establish and modify goals, scope of work, expectations, fees or any other arrangements to our mutual benefit.
  • I will maintain professional competence within my field of expertise, and continually strive to enhance my knowledge and understanding of the elements of my profession.
  • I will protect to the best of my ability, all confidential and personal client information from disclosure to the public or any other unauthorized person.
  • I will not use confidential, personal or any other information gathered from services to my client for my own benefit, or for the purpose of enhancing personal wealth.
  • I will disclose to my client actual or perceived conflicts of interest immediately upon my knowledge of such possible or actual conflicts of interest.
  • I will disclose to my client any condition which may cloud my judgment or compromise the integrity of my work product.
  • I will advise my client of my fees in advance, and only charge reasonable fees which are commensurate with the quality of my services and consistent with industry standards.
  • I will cease to provide services to clients if I become aware of any illegal or unethical activities in which the client is engaged.
  • I will not denigrate, demean or discredit other consulting professionals or their work.
  • I will not use for my own benefit, the intellectual property of others without their consent.